Geneinno's T1 underwater drone goes Pro

Media CoverageNov 18 2020

As compared to true ROVs (remotely operated vehicles), less-expensive underwater drones tend to be aimed mainly at hobbyists. The Geneinno T1 Pro drone, however, is designed to perform some major-league underwater tasks.

Not surprisingly, the T1 Pro is the successor to Geneinno's existing T1 underwater drone, formerly known as the Titan. Like that model, it's equipped with six thrusters – four vertical, two horizontal – along with a 4K/30fps camera and two LED spotlights that put out a combined 3,000 lumens.

Whereas the base T1 is limited to a maximum dive depth of 150 m (492 ft), however, the Pro goes down to 175 m (574 ft). It has a maximum forward speed of 2 meters per second (6.8 ft/s), and can reportedly run for four hours on one 3-hour charge of its 9,000-mAh/97.2-Wh battery.

It can go for eight hours if an optional second battery is attached. That battery module includes an additional six LEDs in front, building the total possible light output to 9,000 lumens.

Some of the other optional attachments – which are plugged into a powered extension port on the underside of the drone – include a new-and-improved grasping arm; a 360-degree omni scan sonar unit; a lateral thruster for moving sideways; a downward-facing camera with two LEDs; a water quality sensor that measures pH, dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen and water conductivity; and a laser scaler that gauges the size of underwater objects by projecting two precisely spaced laser beams onto them.

The drone is connected via an electrical tether to a shore- or boat-located transmitter module, which in turn wirelessly communicates with an included Bluetooth controller and the user's smartphone or tablet.

Should it sound like your cup of tea, the Geneinno T1 Pro can be ordered now via the link below, for US$2,999. It should ship in a month.

by Ben Coxworth

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