GENEINNO'S Poseidon Drone to Feature at CES 2018, Las Vegas

NewsJan 03 2018

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Pioneer of underwater technology, GENEINNO will feature in CES Las Vegas 2018. The company will bring its cutting-edge underwater drone camera - Poseidon I, which has helped thousands of snorkelers explore treasures underwater.

Since 2013, GENEINNO has stood out as a company willing to push forward the discovery of the underwater world by incorporating creativity, research and exploration. From intelligent robots to powerful underwater drones, GENEINNO has always given its fans reasons to stay in the game.

At CES 2018, GENEINNO will showcase Poseidon I, presenting its special features to loyal fans and the general public. Among other exciting displays, the company wants to show audiences how modern technology can and will help to make the most use of precious resources underwater.

Furthermore, the new generation of Titan, which comes with 4k camera and 150-meter-depth capacity will astonish the audiences. Six thrusters bring a more powerful impetus. Four thousand LED lights also illuminate the world under the surface of the water. In addition, TItan has more features which can be discovered live at CES 2018.

The fans who have experienced GENEINNO technology are excited. Many consumers cannot wait to see this ready-to-dive camera in operation. The fact that it is easy to connect with any devices, underwater optimized, and has a full HD camera with 1080p video streaming and recording capability, will amaze the audiences with no doubt.

Among other features, Poseidon has a deep sea exploration capability of 120 meter under the water. Its onboard rechargeable lithium batteries give up to 5 hours of uninterrupted underwater exploration experience. It can also deliver unprecedented connectivity with Wi-Fi topside units.

Poseidon is expandable and easy to upgrade, allowing for more updated add-ons and modules. Its speed is quite high, reaching up to 2 meters per second. For even more advanced connectivity and control, Poseidon comes with a powerful Bluetooth controller. Meanwhile, Poseidon's sensors enable it to detect and identify the depth and the temperatures underwater. All these amazing features are what a diver eager for when choosing a drone.

Being at CES 2018 in Las Vegas will give consumers an opportunity to experience cutting-edge technology brought by GENEINNO.