The Geneinno S2 Underwater Scooter Completes Your Vacation

Media CoverageJul 26 2020

While you’re entertaining the idea of travelling once again when restrictions are lifted, you’re no doubt thinking about all the fun things that you’ll do on your next holiday. If those daydreams include diving into the ocean, you might want to add a little detail to those hopes, and that’s the Geneinno S2. The S2 is an underwater scooter that can propel you through the waves and under the water at speeds up to 2.7 miles per hour.

The S2 improves upon the original design to add even more fun to your diving experience. The S2 comes with a 97Wh battery, which allows for up to 60 minutes of play time. That battery size also means that the battery can travel with you on the aeroplane as it doesn’t exceed the 100Wh rule. The S2 is also lighter and smaller than the first model. This new version is roughly the size of a 16-inch MacBook (just not as slim) and only weighs 5.9 pounds. But that small size doesn’t mean that it can’t perform.

As mentioned, the S2 will have your slicing through the water at 2.7 miles per hour. It can also go to a depth of 30 meters and has 22 pounds of thrust. You can choose from two speeds as well. The companion app lets you monitor the speed, depth, distance, onboard light, and battery charge level. Using the app, you can also set up parental controls. Finally, the S2 has an underwater camera mount.

The Geneinno S2 came available in February 2020 and is priced at USD$399. So take a moment to amend that dream vacation to include this little, travel ready, high-performance underwater scooter and you’ll have that much more fun when you do finally get to go when the restrictions are lifted.

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