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The creatures on the seabed are all sorts of strange things. They are like extraterrestrial visitors and they have special skills. The scenery on the sea floor is also colorful and different from the land.


There is a world-famous diving destination in Cozusang, Palawan Province, Palawan Province, Philippines. There are well-preserved colorful corals, a saltwater lagoon in the mountains and a variety of fish.


The beautiful coral reefs and colorful sea creatures are not the focus of underwater world in Coron, attracting diving enthusiasts to Cologne. They are the huge wreckage of war that rested on the seabed during the major wars of the 20th century.


On the morning of September 24, 1944, the famous American MacArthur commanded a total of 145 aircraft carriers of the 18, 19, and 31 Air Force Battalion of the Southwest Pacific Forces to bomb the Coron Bay in Palawan Province of the Philippines. A total of 24 Japanese warships and merchant ships were Sinking, now a total of 13 of them were discovered. Today, these huge war wrecks sleeping on the seabed have become world-famous sunken ship diving sites.

Video:Look at the sunken ship in Coron, Philippines

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