How can Titan connect ?

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Titan is a new generation underwater drone from Geneinno and it won the 2018 German Red Dot Product Design Award. Titan increased the number of propellers from 3 to 6 on the basis of a generation of products, and the underwater movement was more agile and more stable. Deep dive depth of up to 150 meters, to meet the depth of the depth needs of enthusiasts; the machine is equipped with 4K ultra-high-definition camera, can display a variety of high-definition underwater images; equipped with 3,000 lumens of LED lights light up the depth of 100 meters Dark underwater world.

Tools / Raw materials

Underwater drone Titan

Remote control handle (optional)

VR glasses (optional)

Equipment List

Titan's complete set of equipment consists of three parts: host, buoy, and cable. Cable lengths are 50m, 100m, and 150m. There are also optional remote controllers and VR glasses.

Device Connection

1. Insert one end of the cable into the socket of the main unit and tighten it tightly.


2. Plug the other end of the cable into the socket of the buoy and tighten it tightly. This means that the Titan connection has been powered on.


3. After the host, cable, and buoy are connected normally, the host LED will start flashing every few seconds. If it flashes 4 times each time, the host is connected.



According to the host's launch environment, whether to balance the weight is recommended. It is recommended that the freshwater environment does not install counterweights. The buoyancy of the seawater is large. The counterweights may need to be installed. The installation position is adjusted according to the actual balance of the host machine so that the host machine can achieve the best balance. State prevails.

APP connection

1. Log in to the "Download" page of the official website or "GeneROV" on the Android Market/App store to download the latest version of the APP.

2. Use a mobile phone, PAD, or PC to search for a WIFI hotspot named GENEINNO_XXXX. Connect this hotspot. The default password is: 88886666. Mobile phones and PADs open the APP will automatically connect to the device, enter the control interface; if it is a PC, you can open the Chrome browser, enter in the address bar: to connect the device and open the control interface.


Operation control

The control system is integrated inside the host and the user can control it through the APP or browser on the mobile device. Put the host into the water and you can freely control the Titan float, dive, and move forward and backward.



1. It is recommended that the cable be connected to the host first and then to the buoy when it is used. It is recommended to disconnect the cable and the buoy before use, and then disconnect the cable from the host.

2. After the host and the buoy are connected, they are put into the water instead of being put into the water and then connected to prevent the host from measuring the atmospheric pressure and affecting the water depth data. In addition, seawater and fresh water should be set in the APP according to the environment of use so as not to affect the water depth data.

3. Buoys have a certain degree of waterproof function, but it is recommended to put on shore or on board and fixed, so as not to be difficult to recover after Titan pulled the water.

4. Please control the movement speed during use to avoid scratches or equipment damage caused by collision.

5. After the end of use, please rinse with fresh water, dry, reduce seawater corrosion, stored in a dry and ventilated place.

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