Titan, The New Underwater Drone

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The new generation Titan, besides being a top performer with new and better features than its preceding counterparts, has a sleek design that befits a gadget of its stature. Its outer aesthetics are quite easy on the eyes as it has a cool orange and black color with two turbines on each side for a balanced thrusting power. This unique design has seen Titan recognized at the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards.

While ordinary drones can only reach up to a certain depth (often less than 100m), the Titan underwater drone has a record-breaking depth range of up to 492 (150m) feet below the sea level. The possibilities with such a reach are unbelievable, not only for adventurers and photographers but also for aquaculture studies and research because the drone can cover more areas that are hard to reach with a normal drone. Because of this depth range, Titan makes for a good diving companion for sea adventurers and researchers alike. With an additional 6-thruster power system that can maneuver through the water resistance at a commendable speed, there is no doubt that this new Titan drone is a sea monster. This should make piloting quite a breeze even for beginners. Top that up with a 4K UHD camera with a high resolution 1080p enabled video mode with real-time VR connection, you have yourself an underwater real-time adventure with this drone. Another important feature to note is the two 1000 lumen lights to ensure you capture your best memories even in the dark.

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